Model Morning

by Model Morning

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released September 22, 2011



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Model Morning Nottingham, UK

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Track Name: We Go All Night
Let's do it wrong
Let's use Stereo
And I can go from here to here to here
To here to here to here and here
Let's make some noise
Let's go all the way
And we can get it right
Our jaws uptight
We go all night
We go all night

We go all night

Let's fuck it up
Let's break everything
And we can get it on
We are the moon, we are the flames
We are the sun
Let's make some noise
Let's go all the way
And we can get it right
Our jaws uptight
We go all night
We go all night
Track Name: 2:18
I wish I was a spark for the light
I wish I was a five minute whore
I live to wait for greatness to come
I live to love the deepness I feel

Light me up, light me up
Drop it down and bring it up
That's what it is
Just one more
Just one more
It hits your throat, you hit the floor
That's what it is
Track Name: There's Nothing Can Be Done
I'm sorry I don't share your optimism
We are past the point of no return
There's nothing can be done

I hear their hopeless tales
When you consult them
We are past the point of no return
there's nothing can be done

So be done with it

I watch for some improvement
There's none I can see
No finer people you will find
There's nothing can be done

The tender age is lost now
To our progress straight and true
We are past the point of no return
There's nothing can be done

You don't see the eyes on your street
You don't see the fires on your side of town
You can't change a thing on these streets
You don't understand
This side of town
Track Name: This Town
The sirens doppler past me
Flashing lights of royal blue
Illuminates wet pavement
With an eerie strobe light hew
Walking back to my house
Take my life into my hands
The smoke breeds paranoia in this inner city land

Those boys are walking over
I daren't look across my shoulder
As they pull up at my side
My heart starts beating faster
My stride gets a little faster
What would I do against a knife?

I don't feel safe in this town
Deprivation breeds contempt
I don't feel safe in this town
One day I'll meet with an accident.

Aspiration is a demon
So there's solace in Class A
Society is evil
Before birth they were this way
Handicapped by home address
Handicapped through school
Broken down by class abuse
A rebellion of fools
Track Name: Quality of a Romantic
Cry me two tears
One from each eye
Lament for the years that I wouldn't cry

Globules of pain
Fall from your head
I feel only disdain for the times my soul bled

Roughness of face
Won't slow the liquid
You never had grace
Intellect insipid

Destroy self respect
Makes you feel superior
But I suspect that you feel inferior

I am searching for that which has no name
The quality
The reason we all came

I touch God when I can create
From you that only brings me hate
Track Name: Without You I'm Lost
Please don't leave
For both our good
'Cos no-one will love you like I love you

Only once in life
Someone prostrate at your feet
A more devoted disciple
You will never meet

It is obvious
I cause problems by devotion
Ignore my foibles
My drunken notions

Hey come back to me 'cos without you I'm lost
Come back to me
'Cos without you I'm lost
Track Name: Push to Reset
I just realised it's not a self destruct button that I've got
It's a push to reset
Rewind, reverse and start again
Change my frame of mind and then
Turn it up to ten

Overheated, overused
Over loud and self abused
Try to find eleven on my spine
My brain will cope
My body's fine
Saturday's my on switch
Sunday is my standby

Tell Conner it'll be alright
Oh he burst his blood vessels last night
But you can always bounce back from
Several weeks of boredom

But you don't think I should be
The me that's making me happy
You think that I should stand and fight
The demons making me feel alright
But it's you not me that cares
When Saturday lets off her flares
I might be dead before next week
I could be dead before next week

I could be dead
Track Name: Expectation Is The Reason Why
There's something small and round and reeling
It twists and burns and shatters in my soul
I am not without my feeling
I am not without my guilty pleasures

There is something I'm forgetting
It left me not so long ago
Age is not a construct
A matrix just to fool the child in me

So come on let's die, let's give up
Let's just wave goodbye
We add some weight and fill out
Expectation is why

Now I am old and I am dying
But I look to see if girls still look to me
I am older than my peers
But younger than my vast amount of years

Now my girl is more important
My face has taken a very much back seat
We are ovulating
That's cancelled out by cigarettes my dear
Track Name: We Are Gone
It's a question of population
It's a question of where your most strong instincts lie
Is it in protection and betterment of self and family?
Or in the longevity and betterment of mankind?

Society's Id must be tempered by Ego
Use power that's always replaced
Budget and save for the future
Or death to the inhumane race

Or we are gone

It's a question of numbers
It happens in every system
Use all the resources
And then become depleted
Become unseated by your own ability
More agile than all prey

Then we are gone
Track Name: As Guilty As
I was Raskolnikov
I was as guilty as
And they were talking about murder

At my bedside the well wishers
Wished well to the perpetrator

The Steppenwolf concealed loneliness
In girls of seventeen
Pushed it all right soundly down
Behind a drunken sheen

But now it's alright
It's alright